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Big Chief White Widow cart is a cross of two landrace strains, Brazilian and south Indian, from Green House Seed Company in Amsterdam.

Green House breeder Arjan Roskam reports having developed White Widow in the early ’90s with fellow Netherlands breeder Ingemar.

According to Arjan, the strain’s original name was Arnhem’s Wonder before he and Ingemar commercialized it in seed form and changed the name to White Widow.

The winner of first place Bio at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, White Widow delivers a strong peppery cedar flavor and a complex,

long-lasting high that starts with a relaxing haze and gives way to an explosive buzz, as reported by Green House.

Green House has tested White Widow at 90.4% THC. The seed bank has also developed auto-flowering and high-CBD auto-flowering versions of the strain by hybridizing

White Widow with Ruderalis and high-CBD strains, respectively. Green House Seed Co. carries all three versions of White Widow in feminized seed form.


Big Chief carts: are they sturdy?
With a potency of 78%, the Big Chief’s 1g White Widow cart is a potent option for daily users.
What breed of cart is big chief White Widow cart ?
A genetic combination between a South Indian indica strain known for its high resin content and a Brazilian sativa landrace produced the hybrid strain known as White Widow.
This strain has 40% indica and 60% sativa content. One of the most well-known strains in the world, White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s by Green House Seeds.
Is it true that Big Chief carts are fake?
One of the phony brand names that rules the illicit/grey market cartridge industry is “Big Chief” Their packaging and empty carts are available for bulk purchase;
 you may fill them with any items you like.“Big Chief” carts don’t come from single place, and they’re probably being filled in some garage or basement.
does big chief White Widow cart evoke in you?


Regarding White Widow’s effects on the brain, they result in a potent high. Users may experience happiness, euphoria, and excitement.

Because of its reputation for fostering creativity and concentration, this strain is popular among artists and anyone seeking mental clarity.

Can you sleep well with the Big Chief White Widow cart?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that cannabis is a practical and very successful natural alternative treatment for insomnia.

Since it not only facilitates a quicker and simpler transition to sleep but also improves the quantity and quality of sleep. The top cannabis strains to relieve insomnia are listed below: White Widow.

big chief WHITE WIDOW cart
What happens if you smoke a fake Big Chief white widow cart?

Fake Cartridge Safety Concerns Fake cartridges became the talk of the town in 2019 when their safety and health hazards came to light.

Since then, we’ve learned about a number of safety and health concerns. Users may experience lung pain, shortness of breath, and bouts of coughing from unsafe ingredients for inhaling

What happens when a White Widow cart begins to autoflower?


White Widow Autoflowering – CannaConnection – Strain Details
Sativa components produce a cerebral and calming head high that is ideal for working on creative projects while seated.

White Widow Autoflowering is an excellent strain to burn in the evening and before bed because the indica components of the high generate a very tranquil and relaxing body high.



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