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CARTS DISTRO CONCIERGE | Our experts pick the best products for sex

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Blog post

With temperatures dropping, earlier sunsets, and cuffing season in full swing, folks will be spending much of the remainder of the year getting cozy indoors. All that time cuddled up indoors can lead to some scenarios that are steamier than your cup of cocoa. So when one thing leads to another, you’d better be prepared. And we’re not just talking about protection. Research shows that cannabis can make getting down (with or without a partner) more satisfying than without. So we’ve picked out a few of our favorite cannabis products that help bring those intimate moments to the next level.


Dosist Passion All-In-One Vaporizer
The great folks from Dosist know that you don’t always have the time or luxury to roll a joint ahead of getting intimate so they brought us Passion, an All-In-One Vaporizer that has a special blend of THC and terpenes to spice up the moment. Ready to use right out of the box, this is ideal for folks who are spontaneous and are looking to enhance their experience “at the drop of a hat.”


Om Edibles, Rose Geranium Bath & Body Oil
Our friends from Om Edibles have specialized in providing leading products that enhance health, wellness, and sexuality. Their Rose Geranium Bath and Body Oil can be used as a massage oil or can be added to a warm bath. This blend of essential oils and THC will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric to enjoy that moment of bliss. Not only will you enhance your sexual encounter but you’ll also walk away with silky smooth skin.


Emerald Sky, Ruby Fruits Licorice
We here at Eaze concierge have found multiple applications for edibles ranging from sleep aides to aphrodisiacs. Edibles have been known to provide a full body and head high so they are naturally an option we present to customers when they are asking for products to heighten the moment. Emerald Sky Ruby Fruit licorice has a balance of THC and CBD, which will keep you present and in the mood without an overwhelming buzz. Discreet and individually wrapped, best consumed an hour before getting intimate.


Terra Milk Chocolate Blueberries
Chocolate, fruit, and cannabis? ‘Nuff said. All of these are known to be aphrodisiacs so combining these into a beautiful edible is the perfect combination to take before things get heated. This tasty treat from Kiva will not only enhance the fun but also provides a euphoric high to help induce sleep afterward.

Besito – Blackberry
Besito has come to market with their beautiful All In One Vaporizer that is ideal for cannabis-curious folks who are looking for a low-dose THC/CBD experience. Why is this ideal for sex? Their product is infused with blueberry terpenes, which have been known to increase sex drive. Take a couple of puffs prior to sexy time to upgrade your next encounter.

Sure, it gets dark before dinner and you can’t leave the house without a puffy coat, but if you hunker down with a stockpile of these products on hand, you and your partner will be too busy to care. Who said hibernation has to be boring?

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Vape Pen 101 Guide: Your Go-To for all Vape Questions

Welcome to your Vape Pen 101 Guide!

Love pre-rolls, bong rips, and dabs, but are looking to explore the world of vape pens? Let us walk you through all the amazing things you need to know about your first-time vape experience with our Vape Pen 101 Guide!

While there are endless options when choosing how to blaze, vape pens may be your new go-to Carts distro order.


First & foremost, you may be asking yourself…

‘What is a vape pen?

While you may be thinking of a nicotine device, we’ll be sharing our intel into the cannabis form of vaping. A ‘vape pen’ can be defined as a handheld device consisting of a battery attached to a cartridge filled with the cannabis concentrate. Vape pens vaporize rather than burn cannabis, resulting in vapor instead of smoke. 

Similar to nicotine vapes, your cannabis vape pen has a power source that heats up your cartridge, so when you inhale, you intake vapor instead of smoke. When you purchase a vape from Carts distro, it will come pre-filled with a distillate & concentrate. The concentrate will look similar to the golden hue you find with others, like dab oil.

Are there different types of vape pens? 

To answer your question, YES! There are a couple of different types of vapes, but they will all leave you feeling nice & toasty. Your vape pen can either be a disposable/all-in-one (AIO) or a cartridge that comes with a rechargeable battery. Regardless of the one you choose, your vape will offer a variety of settings that will affect the size and potency of your hits. If you choose an AIO (all-in-one), the cartridge needs to be disposed of after use, while rechargeable vapes can adapt to most cartridges.

Carts Distro Vape Pen Types

The Buttonless/Autodraw Battery (Big Chief, Muha Meds, Cake carts, and Budpop)

If you’re looking to ‘carts distro’ your way into the vape life, these brands are the most beginner-friendly! Once you insert or screw in your cartridge, all you have to do is inhale for the oil to heat up, and exhale. Yep, it’s that easy! Shop buttonless vapes here.


The All-in-One Vape Pens (Nuvata, Leune, Dompen, Heavy Hitters, Kurvana, Circles, Torch, Dreamt, Provisions)

AIOs are also a great option for beginners! These brands offer a built-in battery and cartridge so you don’t need to worry about charging, finding a charger, or any other ‘high’ maintenance searches for a surge. All-in-ones tend to contain less than 0.5g of concentrate so you can use & toss after one hit. Hope dope is that?

Shop all AIO vape pens here.


Push-button vapes tend to be for more experienced vapers that want more control over their hits. If hit too hard or long, one can get “too high” – yes, even by the most seasoned of smokers. To use, click the pen button five times fast. Once you’ve clicked, you should see a light flash meaning that it’s on. After you see the light, press twice for the oil to heat. After the oil is nice and hot, you’re ready to vape the goods! Psst – make sure you hold down the button on each inhale otherwise you won’t get anything on your to inhale.

Can I mix & match my battery cartridges?

Great question! Some brands are exclusive to their own batteries, while others are made for universal use! Most pens, like Circles, Heavy Hitters & Jetty (to name a few), have a 510 thread battery – meaning they can sync with most universal cartridges.

How much will my vape pen cost? 

Your pen can range from $7 to around $350 depending on how much you want to invest. Check out Carts distro’s vape selection

What are the benefits of a vape pen over other cannabis consumption methods?

Here are a few benefits to making vape pen life your go-to cannabis method:

  1. Convenience & Discretion. There’s no doubt that smoking cannabis has an undeniable smell & results in large clouds of smoke when exhaled. Luckily when smoking a vape pen, there’s little to no smell and subtle clouds of vapor that doesn’t linger in the air, making it more discreet when enjoyed in public settings.
  2. It’s Safer. It’s been claimed that vaporized cannabis does not release the same toxins as those from flowers when smoked – this means healthier lungs! However, in the past couple of years, studies have shared the dangers of toxic cartridges that have been tampered with. To avoid hazardous experiences with your vape, ensure you get your cartridge from an FDA-approved brand. Here at Carts Distro, we take safety very seriously, as well as the brands we partner with, by ensuring each brand is carefully tested to California cannabis standards so you can shop our vape selection with ease.
  3. It’s Cleaner. Vape pens allow for an easier cleanup. All you really have to do is ensure you properly dispose of your cartridge (cannabis cartridges are non-recyclable, so please toss in the trash). This means no ash/resin or peice cleanup!
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Buy cake carts online

Cake she hits different

Buy vapes carts Online

choice slab winter edition gold coast clear carts buy cake carts online cake she hits different

After a long day, are you ready to kick back, unwind, and simply let your mind wander?

If you answered yes, the Delta 8 vape cart could be just what you need. Brands are rushing to capitalize on the new green rush to hit the market, as interest in Delta 8 THC vaping has exploded recently.

Delta 9 THC vape carts she hits different are a pretty new hemp product, but they provide many advantages over other Delta 8 dosing techniques. They are easy to use, even for starters, and there is a big range of formulas to pick from to match your needs.

Buy Carts Online

carts for sale online Anyway, there are so many brands selling Delta 9THC vape carts in the market today that it might be extremely hard and confusing for you to pick the best one out there. 

Factors to consider before picking the best vape carts online


Buy choices carts online It all boils down to the cost. An affordable price could be a sign of a low-standard product or a con. The reason for this is that extracting Delta 8 THC is very hard, and charging an extremely low price would outcome in the firm losing money. If a product’s price is very low, do not purchase it, because it generally means that it lacks a standard.

Terpene taste & profile

Buy cake carts online Terpenes, which give flavor as well as extra therapeutic effects and advantages in cannabis products, can come from 3 sources: botanical, cannabis, or synthetic.

Cake she hits different As forever, nothing beats the true thing, and cannabis-derived terpenes will forever be the best choice because they come from the earth rather than being synthesized in a lab.  Pinene, limonene, Myrcene, and ocimene are some of the most general terpenes found in marijuana plants.

Lab Tests

BUY VAPES CARTS ONLINE Never use cannabis products that have not been lab tested. Further to verifying potency, residual solvent testing should be done on Delta 8 to make sure that any solvents used in the conversion of CBD isolate to Delta 8 have been removed. Residual solvents from lab work are forever removed by high-standard extraction equipment, but they should be twin-checked.

Effects on the body

The perfect vape cart will induce lightheadedness, euphoria, and pain relief. This is attached to the previous two points, as full-spectrum products with high-standard terpenes are more likely to have therapeutic effects.

A board spectrum

The oil is generally nearly real Delta 8 vape cart, not full spectrum, because it is converted from CBD, and producers must reintroduce the terpenes and other cannabinoids.

This includes an extra, more costly step to the production process but outcomes in a higher standard product, and we welcome the extra effort. Full-spectrum produces forever get bonus points, because of the terpenes and cannabinoids working combine has a remarkable effect.

Brand status

As a common rule, we try to reject “gas station” brands, or people who rush to capitalize on a trend in the marijuana industry by putting combine a subpar product. Stick with firms that have been doing this for a long time and have a track record of victory and relaxed customers.

Cartridge material

The standard of the formula is vital, but a remarkable vape cart formula is only as best as the materials used to package it. After all, you will be linking your Delta 9 THC cart to a battery that will warm it up to the point where the oil will vaporize. When your rig heats up, you do not want any risky materials to leach into the oil, and you definitely do not want any breaks or leaks to ruin your day.

How to rightly store Vape carts

The Delta-9 THC cape molecule is pretty stable, which means it has a longer shelf than the delta-9 THC range. Anyway, in order to ensure Delta 9THC does not break down over time, you must save it rightly. That means you should keep your vape carts away from open sunlight and high temperatures.

The top places to store Delta 8 THC products are cool and dark drawers or cabinets. Additionally, keep them away from any warm sources such as radiators and ovens. If you do so, your vape carts will be just as potent in many years as they were when you first bought them.

THC dosage

Just like with other cannabinoids, it can be hard to dose Delta 9 THC. When it comes to Delta 9THC vape carts, the dosage will depend on the temperature settings on the vape.

If you are new move to the Vape carts, we advise starting out with 1 or more hits. Wait a few minutes and view how you feel. If you feel the need to, take a couple more hits after 10 minutes or so.

Most people feel that 5 or 6 hits of Delta 9 THC are sufficient. That amount will provide you with a moderate buzz but would not cause any mental issues. Anyway, if you would like powerful effects, feel free to take more than 6 hits. Still, pace yourself and do not take more than 3 or 4 hits at once.

Potential dangers of using Vape carts online

The risk in using Delta 8 THC vape cart comes from the chemicals firms must use to extract the compound. The amount of Delta 8 found in hemp is pretty low, in order to make more of the compound, firms must synthesize it themselves. That process needs the use of many chemicals that can be pretty risky when in bad hands.

End words

Delta-8 THC is used in many creative ways and is accessible in the shape of intriguing latest goods that are sure to catch the eye. So, if you are seeking a legal way to relax and get a high results, try one of the best firms, as they are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Using vape THC through carts is the most affordable and safest, providing you the same high as other delta items. Finding the best delta 8 THC carts is not forever simple, but do not be worried.

Buy vapes carts online
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